Emergency Management


Planning for a disaster not only saves lives but expedites the recovery process.  Implementing standard procedures eliminates threats, damages, extra spending, and additional threats.  Our experiences allows us to plan for natural and man-made events.

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Flood Protection Sandbags with flooded h


When the emergency operation center opens, we are ready.  We can assist with determining threatened populations, opening shelters, providing mass care, emergency rescues, firefighting, EMTs, and private security.  We are here to assist where there may be gap in response.  


Together, our employees have worked over two-hundred disasters in over twenty states.  We have work on the applicant, state and federal level.  Our knowledge and experience has assisted with recovery efforts throughout the United States since Hurricane Katrina, which occurred in 2005. Our knowledge base is one of the best in the Country.

Man and his wife owners, checking burned
Construction Worker Lifting Wood Board


Let us help you prevent damage from occurring in the future.  We have seen what works and does not before, during and after a disaster.  We have engineers that can help, and we can assist with obtaining 404 and 406 mitigation grants. Mitigation is imperative to making a better future.



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