Canine Detection

Canines have been proven to be 90% accurate on detecting scents.  Their sense of smell can assist with visual inspections and they can move quickly and effectively throughout designated areas.  Canines can alert to objects that can be easily overlooked by the human eye.  Our dogs are trained to sit, passive alert, when they have located the particular scent.


Zebra and Quagga Mussels

Each canine is trained, through precision, to target and alert to the invasive mussels. The dogs are working for the reward, which is a toy, and they love the game. Currently, we have two mussel detection canines, K9 Chief (Chi) and K9 Buoy. K9 Chief is a two-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever and has been in detection training since he was six months old. K9 Chief was trained by Paul Coley,
former FBI Forensic Canine Specialist. In the past thirty days K9 Chief has trained/worked at the following locations: Hu-B’s Marina, Buzzard Rock Marina, Eddycreek Marina, Kentucky Dam Village, Lyon County Boat Ramp, Old Kuttawa Boat Ramp, Eureka Recreation Area, Nickell Branch Backcountry Area and Boat Ramp, Taylor Bay Backcountry Area and Boat Ramp, Twin Lakes Backcountry Area and Boat Ramp, Turtle Bay Marina, Ford Bay, and Smith Bay. Our Labrador Retriever, K9 Buoy, has been in detection training for eight months, and since birth has been socialized with children, adults, elders, golf carts, trailers, crowds, etc. K9 Chief and K9 Bouy’s training and disposition make them perfect for any mission. They would provide an enhanced visitor interest and excitement about invasive species issues. 

We work with The Ohio State University to obtain zebra and quagga mussels for training. The dogs are trained on live zebra and quagga mussels provided by The Ohio State University’s Stone Lab located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie.
We utilize technology to our benefit. We utilize an application that tracks searches completed, type of vessel or PWC, state of origin, date, negative/positive detection, location, and notes section. We can add additional columns for visitor contacts, media contacts and demonstrations preformed. 


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